In these quarantine days, even if you stay indoors, never refrain from taking care of your skin. Don’t assume taking care of your skin is only needed when you have planned to go out. Indulging into self-caring moments and pampering your skin is the best thing you can do in this self-isolation days.

The experts of Style N Scissors, the best luxury salon in Jaipur always encourage you to give your skin a detox treatment even if you are staying indoors in this pandemic.


Here are a few simple steps from the skin experts of the best parlour in Jaipur through which you can easily make your skin look fresh without the help of a professional.


● Whatever products you have in your home will work to give your skin a detox. Start by cleansing your skin with any good facewash you use. Always massage your skin for 60 seconds while washing. This is necessary because all that gunk and dirt which are embedded in your skin will not come out that easily unless you massage your skin for a long time.


● Make sure to scrub your face with a gentle exfoliant. You can make your own scrub at home with home sugar and honey or some rice flour and yoghurt. This will help in taking off your dead skin cells and also honey and yoghurt will provide moisture and make your skin radiant.


● Make sure you put on a face pack or a mask to nourish your skin. Cut some cucumber slices and put them on your eyes to calm the skin of that area and relax.


● In the end, lather up some good amount of moisturizer or serum to provide hydration to your skin. You can use rice water ice cubes as a toner to make your skin radiant.


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