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All of us inherit some minute or major defects in our facial feature, which we all want to change. But not all of us are willing to opt for surgical methods in order to achieve the perfect look we want.

The makeup here acts as a temporary solution to this problem. Makeup can make our skin look flawless, can hide our blemishes, can give structure to our face, and can even make it appear slim.

Contouring is the technique that the best makeup artist uses in order to make our face appear structured and thinner as well.

People with a double chin or a wide face, in general, can easily make their faces smaller in size and also effectively hide their double chin by contouring their face. Contouring is nothing but enhancing the shadows on our face so that it makes a face look slimmer. Also, our nose can be modified by contouring and if a person has got a wide forehead that also can be easily made smaller by the help of contouring.


The best makeup artist from Style n Scissors recommends two types of contouring:

  • Cream contour
  • Powder contour.

Cream contour is done using cream-based products which are two shades darker than the normal skin colour. A foundation or a concealer which is darker than our normal skin shade can be used in cream contouring.

Powder contouring is done using powder products which are darker than our skin shade. Powder foundations, compact powders, bronzers which are darker than our normal skin tone can be easily used in powder contouring.

The best makeup artist of Style n Scissors the best makeup academy in Jaipur recommends powder contouring for the person who has got oily skin and cream contouring for the ones who has got dry skin. Oily skin will become greasier if cream products are applied; hence, powder contouring is a better option.

Now let’s focus on the stages of achieving a perfectly contoured face.

  • Take your contouring product and apply in little portions on the places where you want to contour.
  • Start with your cheekbones; apply your contouring products a little below your cheekbones. If you are using powder product, take a fluffy brush, and apply the product and blend it.
  • Blend the cream product using a similar fluffy brush as well.
  • Next, apply a little amount of product on your forehead and around your jawline as well.
  • Use the same fluffy brush to blend the contour on your forehead into your hairline and the contour on your jawline towards your neck.
  • Lastly, apply contour product on both the sides of your nose to make it appear sharper. Blend the nose contour thoroughly to avoid patches of products.

The best makeup artist recommends that oily skin people can go for cream-based products and later on top it up with bronzer or powder contour as well in order to cancel out the greasiness.

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