bridal makeup in Jaipur

The wedding day is the one particular time when a bride wants to look her best yet be comfortable as well. One of the biggest things that influence the overall look of a bride is their hairstyle. The hairstyle should complement the look, outfit, and makeup as well. The hair and makeup artists doing the best bridal makeup in Jaipur says that the hairstyle of the bride should not only compliment the dress or outfit of the bride but should also compliment the shape of their face.


The hairstyle should be chosen, keeping in mind multiple factors, like the shape of the face, hair length, and also the comfort factor. A vast and massive hairstyle will make your head heavy and will cause unnecessary pain as well.


Let’s see what the correct ways to choose the perfect bridal hairstyle are?


First and foremost, you require a consulting period with your stylist. This is an essential step because your stylist should know what you are looking for and how you want to have your hair done. If this step is skipped, it will be quite a chaotic situation on the wedding day. Already you will be in a hurry, and that time you will not get enough time to decide and go into a trial session as well. Ask your stylist to come before your wedding day, describe what you need, and ask her to try out those hairstyles on yours. The trial period is significant because this is where you decide what you want.


Make sure you choose the hairstyle, not because it is only looking good on you. Make sure the hairstyle is comfortable enough as well. A hefty bun or a hair updo can cause a very lethal pain in your head; hence always go for something suitable for you to move freely throughout the entire ceremony.


Analyze your facial structure before deciding your hairstyle. One style which suits a face shape might not suit another. First, you need to know what is your face shape round, oval, heart, or square. Different hairstyles and parting are assigned for different face shapes. Ask you, stylist, to analyze your form and recommend you with multiple options. Not only the hairstyle but the partings also matter. Ask your stylist whether a side parting or a middle one will suit your face.


Do not forget to experiment. You want to stand out in the crowd on your wedding day hence ask your stylist to come up with some innovation mixed with comfort in your hair styling. Take inspiration from photos, and you can always search online to find what are the trendy hairstyles that brides are opting in the current season.


Lastly, analyze your wedding outfit and accordingly decide what you should do with your hair. If you are wearing a gown, you can keep your hair down instead of putting it up.


And last but not least, accessorizes your hair for sure. This adds some element to your hair and breaks the monotony as well. The hair and makeup artists doing the best bridal makeup in Jaipur from Style n Scissors always encourages brides to accessorize their hair no matter what hairstyle they opt for to enhance their overall look.

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