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Bridal Makeup In Jaipur


Indian weddings are known for their opulence and warmth. However the shy and shimmering Indian bride steals the limelight on that day, as all eyes remain glued on her. Quite naturally every girl aspires to look fresh and flawless on her special day which is only achievable with expert touch of a proficient bridal makeup artist.

Best bridal makeup in Jaipur, India offered by Style’N’Scissors promises brides the dream look and glowing features which they have always yearned for. We promise utmost versatility in rendering perfect touch by highlighting the bride’s best features while expertly hiding her skin flaws. With subtle yet sure strokes, we can transform your plain Jane look into a stunning one. From smoky to well-defined, from understated to high drama, we are expert in offering all modern and traditional variations of Indian bridal make up, matching our clients’ needs.

When it comes to wedding make up, our skilful beauticians take care of every minute detail starting from skin-tone and type, face shape and features, the bride’s personality, outfit, jewellery and so on. It is also enquired whether the wedding will be held at day or night, and the makeup plan is chalked out accordingly.

Our beauty and skincare experts firmly believe that every skin tone has a beauty and glow of its own. They therefore aim at expertly blending techniques, texture, styles, and colours to enhance the bride’s natural looks but in the most dramatic way! At Style’N’Scissors, the make up is done with world famous cosmetic brands so to ensure the effect lasts longer.

We take special care in doing make up of brides who inform us of sensitive or problematic skin. We are equally comfortable working with brides who like subtle makeup or prefer a bold and gorgeous look. Trust Style’N’Scissors, for an absolutely fabulous bridal look and lively wedding pictures!

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