Bridal makeup trends for 2020 you need to know

The wedding day is one of the most essential days in anybody’s life and is equally a hectic day. You need to make so many arrangements, bookings, follow the rituals, and also look the best. Managing everything and carrying the best version of yourself is very difficult.


When it comes to the look and the attire of the wedding, brides tend to put a lot of attention behind it to come up with the best possible outcomes. This stress should not bug you. Hence you need the best artist doing the best bridal makeup in Jaipur. The best makeup artist will take up all the hassles and responsibility of grooming you and make you look amazing as well.


Every year the bridal makeup looks change. Some trends come up some diminishes with time. But one thing is essential for the brides, which is prioritizing comfort over trends. But obviously, every bride wants to stand out and try out something new. But still, support should always be there no matter what experiment you do with your looks.


Bridal makeup plays a quintessential role in the overall look of a bride, and if you want to stop the monotony and try out something new, then these are the new bridal makeup trends of 2020, which you can try out.


The no-makeup makeup look


As the name suggests, it’s like you have no makeup, yet your skin looks flawless. Gone are those days when brides chose to layer up makeup on their skin and do heavy makeup looks. Now it’s all about fresh and minimal. More is less basically in current days. Also, this is a fantastic thing for the brides who are not used to wearing makeup for long periods. The no-makeup makeup look will mostly comprise of dewy makeup and nude eye look with some nude lipstick so that your face looks fresh and skin looks flawless as well.


Glitter eyes


If you plan to go for a nude makeup look, you can opt for the glitter eyes to bring some drama into your look. You can incorporate glitter on the lids of your eyes or can choose to stick small stones or jewels around your eyes to give it an unusual yet different look. Glitters not only provide some dimension to your eyes but also make your eye look stand out when your makeup is fundamental. You can always choose what color glitter you want, depending upon the color of your dress.


Dark lips


Gone are those days when brides only opted for red and pink shades of lip colors. Now the trend is all about experimenting. Dark shades of lipsticks are a fantastic option for brides who wants to experiment with their makeup but do not want to do anything extra. Maroon, purple, berry shades, dark chocolate browns, blackish browns, and a lot of other shades can be used instead of applying basic red and pink tones.

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