botox injection

Is your skin betraying you under your makeup? Are you noticing wrinkles and frown, laugh, or worry lines, on your face? Your age is being reflected n your skin. You aren’t feeling confident while attending parties and go out with your best buddies, right? So, have you thought about reversing your skin complications? If yes, that’s great. Style ‘N’ Scissors is here to take you back at your young days.

Botox treatment for aging

You might have heard about botox injection? Botox treatment is an effective and long-lasting solution for aging skin. It disables the muscles in your face to fade your wrinkles. Also known as botulinum toxin, these injections tend to enhance the elasticity of your skin for three to four months to make it remain active for a long time.

How does Botox injection work?

Botox injections contain drugs that are produced by a particular type of bacteria. These injections if taken in, higher amounts can prove to be poisonous. But, small and required quantity is useful for treating your facial wrinkles.

The botox injections simply block the nerve signals, thereby contracting the facial muscles. As a result, the muscles stop moving and eliminates the unwanted wrinkles on your face. After the injection, you can notice the muscles relaxing, and within a week, feel the younger you.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with Botox treatment. Style ‘N’ Scissors have dermal fillers to remove those irritating depressing wrinkles and frowns from your face. Leverage long-lasting freshness in your skin by replacing the dead cells with new ones.

Benefits of Botox injections and Dermal fillers

  • When you get used to Botox treatment, your muscles are trained with time. They stop making aggressive expressions that form wrinkles on your face. Similarly, you too will start avoiding those expressions in areas where the effect of botulinum toxin is fading out.
  • If you use Botox treatment for an extended period, the wrinkles will not develop after years, even if you stop taking the medication. Also, when you no more inject those toxins, the drug is active in your muscles for a long time and delays aging, thereby, reducing the wrinkle formation. You can continue looking younger for more years, depending on the period you kept the Botox regimen.
  • One of the most significant effects of Botox treatment that you can experience with Style ‘N’ Scissors is brighter skin and the look that you wished to last forever in your teenage.
  • Make your face feel the new energy with growing new cells using chemical peels and dermal fillers. Fight with pigmentation and soothe yourselves if you still do not find Botox treatment suitable for you.

Transform yourselves into an enthusiastic and cheerful personality with Botox treatment at Style ‘N’ Scissors. You can switch to dermal fillers if you are not cosy with Botox injection.

At Style ‘N’ Scissors we look forward to providing you with the glow that you deserve on your face. Don’t let your aging skin take away your grace.

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