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What Makes Style n Scissors The Best Salon in Jaipur?

Styles n scissors is the best salon in Jaipur. They are known for their experienced and expert skills. The Salon is popular and one of the top salons in Jaipur.  In this era of competition, style n Scissors stand out from the crowd. The Salon keeps on rising with its hard work and professional workers. […]

The Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin Hair and Nails

The Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

We are often searching for under-eye creams to hide the dark circles. Why is it so? Ever thought about why that happened? If not yet don’t worry! You will agree that no matter what happens throughout your day but sleep has to be proper with good hours of rest and comfort. We can’t deny that […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Hairstyling

A Beginner’s Guide to Hairstyling

 Hair is the most important aspect of our overall appearance! The personality transforms magically just with the right hairstyle. Don’t you feel so? Let’s say you click a selfie in good daylight and your hair is waving along with the breeze. What do you expect the selfie would turn out like? Of course, your quality […]

How can you make short hair look more feminine

How Can You Make Short Hair Look More Feminine?

Mostly girls are obsessed with the length of their hair as it is considered more feminine in appearance. With longer strands, you can try out different hairstyles like curls, straightening, perming, and many more. It is one such reason why people trend the girl salon memes on social media. As all goes for a haircut […]

9 Protective Hairstyles for Black Hair

9 Protective Hairstyles for Black Hair

You’ve most likely heard about the benefits of wearing a protective style. People who have long hair swear by them, promising longer, stronger hair. While the styles will not cause your hair to grow, by protecting your ends (especially if you’ve relaxed your hair or damaged it in other ways), you may be able to […]

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Hairstyle Ideas For Bad Hair Days

Do you have a horrible hair day? Not to worry, they happen to the best of us! When your hair is unmanageable, it may spoil your entire outfit. They frequently leave us wishing we could only look nice enough. If you have a major meeting booked on a workday, a terrible hair day is a […]

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Top 10 Makeup Myths and Facts You Should Know

Everyone has amazing makeup facts and suggestions to give, whether it’s on social media, beauty influencers, or your friend’s sister. When it comes to cosmetics, though, trial and error cannot be relied on. Your skin is delicate, whether it is normal, dry, or sensitive, and you must ensure that the cosmetics you use do not […]

Traditional makeup vs airbrush makeup

Is Traditional Makeup Better Than Airbrush Makeup?

Have you thought of switching from traditional makeup application to airbrushing? Many people have thought about making the switch. Each has advantages and disadvantages. When it comes down to it, pricing and options play a significant role. This article will educate you on both methods of makeup application. Traditional Makeup Application Traditional makeup is applying […]

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Top 7 Bridal Makeup Trends Of 2022

Weddings are all about the special moment where the bride and groom are the centres of attraction. It’s your day to shine during every event of the wedding. Wedding season is coming soon and yeah the brides are excited to gather all the information for their dreamy wedding. Whether it is hunting down dreamy wedding […]

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Importance Of Skincare In A Bridal Makeup Routine

Women’s beauty kits and natural skincare routines hold the key to excellent skin. This natural method will keep your skin glowing naturally. If you are weary of moisturising your skin many times each day to avoid continuous itching and dry flakes, try the tips below given by professionals from the best salon in Jaipur and […]