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Tricks and skills to groom yourself in a hectic schedule.

Find the best parlour in Jaipur.   The best parlour in Jaipur, Stylenscissor, will make taking care of yourself more effortless than you can imagine. If you are stuck in a busy schedule like me, find a beauty parlour in Jaipur that will quickly attach to your appointment and perform all the grooming rituals. The professionals working here have […]

Products and accessories that must be in your cart during rainy season

The happy rainy days are here finally, and it is time to search to find the best salon in Jaipur. But fear not, one of the best beauty parlour in Jaipur, Stylenscissor, has you covered.   Get your products from the professionals at the best beauty parlour in Jaipur   To save your skin from the predicament, invest in a good cleanser, toner, […]

Your latest hair colour trends can set the trend

Advanced times are changing everything as prior, hustle for getting ready for weddings as compared to these days was not much. A bride or groom do not want a hair out of place.  Also, the artificial world has brought the latest creative trend of hair colouring, which gives a glamorous look either permanently or temporarily […]

Contact lenses for brides- A unique trend for unique wedding

Every girl wants to look gorgeous on the special day of her wedding and wants to do something different from others. According to the unique trend of wearing contact lenses, you can stand out, enhancing your natural beauty. This smart choice rather than wearing glasses, the glare of which can affect your wedding photos, is […]

Iconic organic and natural hair beauty trends

Who doesn’t want the lively selfie to flaunt one’ beauty? No matter what type of hair you have but just let them become extremely versatile. And see how your curls shine. Different kinds of trends come and go as for particular style popularity. The best styles are those who have iconic organic hair beauty, and […]

Let the Cleopatra beauty her biggest asset

Surpassing beauty! A global game! When it comes to facial beauty, especially on special occasions like your wedding, invariably the first choice that comes to the mind is the best in-line cosmetics, makeup techniques, and the experienced staff to render you the irresistible charm. If your marriage planning is to be held in India, don’t […]

Let your nails be the gossip of party

Nail beauty has the power to enhance your hands and feet before which you have to ponder upon certain colours that fix with your complexion. Generally, Indian skin tone matches with funky peaches, neon pink, oranges, and fluorescent green and yellows. If you visit the beauty parlour in Jaipur, no need is to do any […]

Pampering of a Bride like the Best Woman in the World

Marriage is a long-awaited occasion for every bride as it lures in lots of joy and lifetime memories. At the same time, it requires preparation – and deservedly, because this is one of the most important days in the life of every woman.   Best bridal makeup    Brides are advised to start thinking well […]

Pre bridal is as important as net practice before a match

Which girl would not want to look stunning on her wedding? Pre-bridal packages are extremely important for getting that perfect look on the wedding day. The pre-bridal packages at the best parlor in Jaipur include skincare regime and treatment for brides.   It begins as home remedies and includes a lot of professional beauty salon […]

Variety of perfect make-ups for various festivals and occasions

Festivals usually bring hectic schedule with responsibilities of attending and hosting parties. But when your face will spruce up in festive lights and reflects a glamorous look after getting ready from the best bridal makeup in Jaipur, weariness will never remain longer. As each festival and occasion has a different purpose, blooming time, weather, outfit, […]