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Role of Meditation Before Any Facial and Hair Spa.

Role of Meditation Before Any Facial and Hair Spa.

Very few people are actually aware of the goodness of meditation and its linkage with benefiting our skin. We all know meditation helps in purifying our mind and cleanses our soul; it helps our mind to get rid of a lot of negativity and stress which we have to deal with. Similarly, it influences the […]

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Hair Colour Trends for Bride and Groom.

Hair is an integral part of our outer appearance, and it influences our overall look to a huge extent as well. No matter how to put together, our look is with an outstanding outfit and flawless makeup if our hair styling is not on point, the look will never fall into place. It will never […]

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How to Do Contouring in 4 Easy Steps.

All of us inherit some minute or major defects in our facial feature, which we all want to change. But not all of us are willing to opt for surgical methods in order to achieve the perfect look we want. The makeup here acts as a temporary solution to this problem. Makeup can make our […]

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How to Highlight Features with Highlighters.

Makeup has been our saviour in terms of hiding our flaws temporarily. We all have some defects which we absolutely dislike on or faces, makeup here plays an important role in helping us hide that defect effectively and highlight the better aspects of our face as well. Highlighting is an important part of our makeup […]



Have you noticed those dark brown patches on your forehead, cheeks, or nose? Some of them may be grey coloured. Those dark spots and unwanted coloured skin annoy you every time while looking yourselves at the mirror and getting ready for a function. What does think they are? Well, medicine experts call them Melasma – […]

Precious Bride

Pre-bridal Tips for the Precious Bride-to-be

It is a fair expectation if a bride wants to be a star at her wedding day. Since a lot of time and energy is spent on deciding a lot of things, it is easy for the bride-to-be to look stressed out a day or two before the wedding. Apart from hiring the Best Bridal […]

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Weddings are one of those times where we have to look the best no matter what the circumstances are. Looking good for the photographs is definitely one legitimate reason but putting effort to look suitable for your other half is equally important. Everybody wants his or her bridal makeup looks fabulous on the “special day”. […]

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Grooming our kids falls under one of the most quintessential roles in maintaining their hygiene. Providing them with a bath, providing proper moisture and hydration to their skin and a lot of other steps comprise the kid’s grooming regime. Kids are like water; where ever you pour them, they will take the shape. Whatever they […]

Bad acne


Getting ready for the party – dressed up beautifully – looking gorgeous, but alas! You noticed small pimples all over your face, peeping out of your cheeks to affect their charm. You are experiencing the same every time you look at the mirror to admire yourselves. Did you give it a thought, what are those […]

Make-Up Artist

Understand Your Duties as a Make-Up Artist

An artist is an artist. Whether you are a painter or a make-up artist, your prime objective is to create a masterpiece with your creativity. Like a painter, a make-up artist also uses different shades of color on the human body to enhance the beauty of the subject. Unlike before, becoming a make-up artist is […]