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Avail the luxury salon services to get the refreshed and reenergized feeling.

Indulging into luxury beauty treatments are sometimes needed to rejuvenate our mind and body. It helps us to refresh our mind and get rid of all the stress as well. But these are not cheap expenses. Getting an excellent luxurious treatment done will, for sure, cost you a good amount of money no matter where […]

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Be Ready to Acquire Astounding Hairstyle & Haircut from Best Hair Salon.

When it comes to hairstyling, we always want the best possible services from the best hairstylists. Any dispute done to the hair cannot be undone; what is done to the hair cannot be undone; hence no risk should be taken while taking a haircut.   At Style N Scissors our hairstylists are incredibly skilled and […]

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How to get your eyebrows done during a lockdown?

People think that in these days of self-isolation when we have to stay indoors, it becomes challenging to get our weekly beauty treatments done. But that is not the actual scene. You can pretty much do everything by yourself at home be it doing a facial or a hair spa or even grooming your eyebrows. […]

Best Hair Salon In Jaipur

Learn to take complete care of your hair in Lockdown

In this lockdown period just because you are staying indoor does not mean you will not take care of your hair. This is the best time when you can indulge in self-pampering sessions. Since you are not going out, not coming in contact with pollution and sun, whatever care you give to your hair, it […]

Use these beauty parlour tips to stay well-groomed at home in lockdown.

Even if you stay indoors maintaining self-hygiene is really important. Even in these days of lockdown when you stay indoors, you need to invest time in grooming yourself. Grooming here includes waxing, cleaning your underarms, taking a thorough bath every day since it is summer, washing your hair and doing a facial at home.   […]

Detox your skin in simple steps at home during self-isolation.

In these quarantine days, even if you stay indoors, never refrain from taking care of your skin. Don’t assume taking care of your skin is only needed when you have planned to go out. Indulging into self-caring moments and pampering your skin is the best thing you can do in this self-isolation days. The experts […]

Amazing ways to keep your hair and skin healthy in lockdown

Due to the coronavirus infection, we all are stuck in our houses. But this quarantined situation is actually a golden opportunity for us to indulge in self-care practices. Just because you cannot visit your favourite beauty parlour in Jaipur doesn’t mean you will not take care of your skin and hair.   The experts of […]

How to keep your skin nourished and glowing during the lockdown.

Everybody wants to have flawless skin, but very few of us are actually capable of investing that time into achieving our dream skin. But in these lockdown days, we can easily do that by following some simple and useful steps. Clean, nourished and radiant skin is everyone’s desire, but in order to get that you […]