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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Nail Extensions

Splurging and pampering with beauty treatments is one of the best things you can give to yourself. A little nail art here and a rhinestone there, nail extensions can be the perfect boost of self-confidence if you play your cards right!   If you are someone struggling with weak and chipped nails, then this quick […]

Which facial is good for dry skin?

Which facial is good for dry skin?

As winter is approaching, our issues with dry skin will also elevate. Drying of skin is mostly because we do not provide enough moisture to our skin, and it becomes dehydrated when the surroundings also start drying up. In this situation, what can help is a good hydrating facial followed by a thorough skincare regime […]

Reasons You Need a Good Hair Salon in Your Life

Good hair day is every woman’s dream. However, we don’t always have good hair days and we certainly don’t have long, flowy tresses every day of the week, no matter how hard we try.   Healthy hair is indicative of a healthy lifestyle and adds on to a woman’s personality in leaps and bounds. A […]

Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur

Perfect Bridal Makeup Tips for Destinations Wedding

A wedding is a grand celebration of the union of two souls. Maintaining perfect throughout the entire procedure is what every couple wants. Similarly, brides also want to look flawless and perfect on your wedding day, but when it comes to a destination wedding, things are a bit complicated and hectic. At a destination wedding, […]

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How Often Should You Get a Facial Done?

How often you should get a facial done is a million-dollar question! Many skin-0care providers will ask you to get a facial done regularly. Saying regular, they don’t mean everyday day, but what they want from you is to get a facial every month. Make sure you hit the beauty parlour in Jaipur that provides […]

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Five Benefits of Going to a Hair Salon

Everybody desires to have a head full of hair, which is perfect in texture, colour, and length, as well. Taking care of our hair is not an easy task, especially when we do not even know what exactly is wrong with our hair. Doing the basics like shampooing and oiling our hair is definitely very […]

Destination Wedding Makeup in Jaipur

Destination Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

When it comes to a destination wedding, there are multiple things that the bride needs to keep in mind, especially before deciding her outfit and makeup look. Traveling to a different place for your wedding means you will not have everything in front of you; hence, packing everything is really important. Maintaining a proper skincare […]


Pre-bridal Skin Care Remedies at Home

In a bid to get all the big things right, we often make the mistake of forgoing the simple yet important tasks. Consider this. You may have the Best Bridal Package In Jaipur but did you think about the pre-bridal skin care and package? Not caring for yourself and your skin before the wedding will […]

Destination Wedding Makeup In Jaipur

The Perfect Bridal Look For Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is one of the most preferred options for couples who are currently getting married, and very few people actually emphasize their look depending on the destination where they are getting married. The majority of the people think that the bridal makeup look is only governed by the outfit, but it is not […]

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What are the key benefits of a Beauty Salon?

At times we all need to have some time off from our daily routine and pamper ourselves to rejuvenate our mind and body. Rigorous working and stress impose a lot of burden on our mind and body, which in the long run, creates mental complications as well as physical stress. The easiest way to get […]