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Guidelines regarding COVID-19 are followed strictly at the best parlor in Jaipur.

Due to the onset of a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, everything is going through a staggering phase. Normal lifestyle practices are stopped, and we have been spending the past three months indoors solely. Hygiene and cleanliness have been one of the main criteria to be followed into battle with the coronavirus other than self-isolating. […]

Makeup with Sanitation & Safety at Top Salon in Jaipur

In the days of the pandemic, Style n Scissors, the best salon in India, have been investing time and effort to change their working protocols and serve clients with the same skills and dedication like they used to do. Due to the lockdown and the pandemic, a lot of changes have been introduced into the […]

Maintaining cleanliness & hygiene after every service at the best salon in India

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness has become an utmost necessity everywhere. Keeping surfaces clean, spaces disinfected, and ourselves clean as well has become a necessity to stay safe during the pandemic.   At Style N Scissors the best salon in Jaipur, we have been maintaining all the necessary precautions […]

Is it safe to get Your Hair Cut during COVID-19?

Personal beauty services are the utmost necessity for every people existing. Cutting your hair, getting manicures, getting a facial, having a spa, these might seem like a luxury, but to keep your health and hygiene maintained, these are necessary at some point in time. But somehow, due to the pandemic getting basic self-care done becomes […]

Beauty parlour in Jaipur

Beauty parlours in Jaipur made it mandatory to wear PPE while attending customers.

When it comes to beauty services, maintenance of hygiene is one of the major factors which salons and parlours are entitled to consider. In today’s condition, when the world is fighting against COVID 19 maintenance of hygiene has become an utmost necessity. In parlours, we have to walk two steps further to ensure utmost safety […]

Safety tips to keep workers healthy and safe by Best salon in Jaipur

In today’s condition, where the world is fighting with the COVID 19 pandemic, we are gradually getting back to a healthy life. But to carry out any function, extra care is required to be taken. Sanitization work, which was a basic necessity, was not as important earlier as we need to do it in every […]

Things to consider if you’re planning a Destination Wedding.

Destination wedding might sound like a dream, but it has a lot of hassles as well. Doing all the arrangements, bookings, decorations, and everything requires so much effort and not to forget all the trouble on the big day. Being a bride will be very difficult if you don’t have everything well planned.   Jaipur […]

Why Do You Need to Get Facial and Other Treatments from Best Beauty Parlour?

Beauty treatments are supposed to bring us amazing results for our skin, body, and hair as well. These might seem like a luxurious treatment, but indulging in them once in a while is a necessity to make your skin and body rejuvenated. These are a fantastic way to get rid of your tiredness and give […]

Why is it essential to use the services of the best salon in India?

Whenever we plan to invest money into getting any beauty treatment done, or hair treatment is done as well, we should always make it the topmost priority that we get it done only from the best possible place. Quality is an essential factor here because of various reasons, which we will discuss below.   Style […]

Pamper Yourself by Experts in the Best Luxury Salon.

Self-pampering is something that we all need to indulge in sometimes to rejuvenate our mind and body. But it is an utmost necessity to take pampering services from only top-notch quality salons, and there is no one better than Style N Scissors, the best luxury salon in Jaipur.   Getting pampering services like facials, spa, […]