Best Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Know for Your Wedding Day

Every girl dreams of looking stunning on her wedding day. Yes, a beautiful gorgeous wedding dress with glamorous makeup plays a very significant role on your wedding day; however, the best bridal makeup tips are something that many would-be brides are not aware of.


Style N Scissors being the best salon in Jaipur will advise with some of the best bridal makeup tips that you should definitely know for your wedding. Now the first question that comes to your mind

How to do wedding makeup?


  • Start with Preparing your Skin

Now is the moment to get serious about your skin-care routine if you haven’t before. Getting frequent facials helps you have the ideal base for cosmetics and improves the texture of your skin,” she says. Extractions should be avoided the month before to avoid any last-minute aggravation.


  • Wedding Season should be taken into consideration.

When deciding the wedding makeup, you should definitely consider the wedding season. If you are getting married in the winter season, you would require your foundation to not dry fast. Also, the timing of the wedding event also depends on whether it is during the daytime or in the evening. If you are getting married in the summer season, it is suggested that you use a water-resistant primer.


  • Wearing the right SPF

SPF can have an impact on the look of your photos, but it’s a requirement whether you’re being married in the summer or on the beach. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of no more than 15 to avoid the hazy appearance in flash photography caused by white zinc and titanium oxide particles that physically reflect the sun.


  • Using the Right Amount of Blush

Don’t wear a lot of blush on your wedding day if you don’t normally wear it since you don’t think you need it. Otherwise, it is recommended that you apply a little more than you think you’ll need—photos tend to wash it out. Get your photographer to snapshots of you while you’re getting your makeup done in the morning to see how much you’ll need. In fact, during your makeup trial, take images in various lighting conditions (indoors and outdoors), as well as with and without flash, to get an idea of how much makeup you’ll need.


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  • Proper Eye Makeup

Any uneven color on the eyelids should be neutralised.  To brighten, use a slightly lighter colour corrector or concealer. Your eye base should also function as a primer, ensuring that your eyeshadow is waterproof and long-lasting. Use a white colour on pale skin, a bone colour on medium skin, and a banana or taupe colour on dark skin. The goal is to brighten and neutralise your eyelids.


  • Lipstick at its Best

Lipsticks that are shiny or creamy will transfer to your other half and your champagne flute. For a longer-lasting stain, use red lipstick and tap and rub it onto your lips with your finger. It also appears to be less finished than a full-on lip. Apply a primer and set the lipstick with a powder. If you truly want a glossy lipstick, divide a two-ply tissue in half and blot with one thin layer.


  • Use Quality Products

It is really important that you use quality products on your wedding day, starting from pre-makeup face clean-ups, foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick. It’s your big day, and the last thing you would want is your foundation or eyeshadow to remain uneven.

Summing Up

These are some bridal makeup tips you can follow to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Also make sure you visit a proper salon in Jaipur for a proper bridal makeup.

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