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When it comes to beauty services, maintenance of hygiene is one of the major factors which salons and parlours are entitled to consider. In today’s condition, when the world is fighting against COVID 19 maintenance of hygiene has become an utmost necessity. In parlours, we have to walk two steps further to ensure utmost safety and hygiene for our clients as well as workers.


At Style N Scissors, the best parlour in Jaipur, we are changing our normal work procedures and incorporating extra precautionary measures as well. We have made a detailed list of protocols which our workers are strictly following and asked our clients to also go through them and stick to them while visiting the salon.


At Style N Scissors, the top salon in Jaipur, we are extremely consistent with our safety measures and make sure our workers specifically follow them every day.



Our clients are required to make appointments beforehand and only visit the salon on time allotted to them. The process of visiting salon according to their convenience is no more followed. This is specifically done in order to nullify all the possibilities of creating a social gathering inside the salon premises. Social distancing is an important aspect of our safety guidelines, and we are following it thoroughly.


The same thing applied to our workers as well. We are not working with our hundred per cent workforce on a regular basis. Instead, we have divided our workforce and allotted specific shifts to every worker to work in the salon. This is done in a similar way to conduct social distancing. The number of workers allotted will be equal to the number of client appointment taken for the day.



Wearing of masks, gloves and PPE kits are a must for our workers. While attending our clients, we cannot avoid full contact because the services cannot be done in that way; hence we are taking all these precautionary measures to guard the contact and keep everyone safe.


Similarly, our clients are also advised to enter the salon only if they are wearing a mask. Without a mask, it is not safe for them or our workers as well. As per the safety guidelines published by the government, wearing a mask is an absolute necessity; hence we are prioritizing it as well.



Proper sanitization of the entire salon is carried out regularly without fail. Other than that our workers are advised to sanitize their hands continuously and also before attending any customer with soap and water. We also provide hand sanitizers to clients who do not carry one with them while entering and leaving the salon.


Any surfaces where people are touching continuously like doorknobs etc. are continuously sanitized. We are using alcohol-based sanitizers and hand sanitizers and a mixture of chemicals with isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting surfaces and areas.


At Style N Scissors, the best parlour in Jaipur, we are constantly evolving. We are thoroughly trying to maintain all our topnotch quality services by maintaining every safety protocol. Make your appointments and visit us to get your services done.

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