At one point or the other, we all wish to style our hair differently. Sometimes you might want to make it look a bit straighter or just want to have some beautiful curls to change your look. For achieving these, you need to use the heating tool by hook or crook. Heating tools are the only option that provides you with effective results in a shorter period.


Styling your hair not only provides you with a beautiful look but also changes the monotony of your look to a considerable extent as well. But using heating tools can cause damage to the hair as well. For that, you require to take precautionary measures, or else over time, if you keep using heating tools, your hair will become dry and excessively frizzy also.


The stylists of the best hair salon in Jaipur suggest these following tips to keep the hair smooth, healthy, and shiny even if you use heating tools.


Let’s dig into them.


Use a heat protectant.


This is the most generic thing you need to do. Using a heat protectant from the beginning is always advised because that will keep your hair safe from excessive temperature and also steps it from becoming fizzy in the long run. Using a heat protectant has got multiple benefits apart from saving your hair from the heat. It helps to hold on the styling for a very long time as well. If you are curling your hair, the protectant will keep your curls for a pretty good period. It also provides excellent shine to your hair and helps it from getting burned or damaged. Use a protectant from the beginning only so that no harm is caused later on.


Do not use heating tools on damp hair.


When our hair is damp, it becomes very fragile and loses strength as well. Hence your hair is getting double damaged in this situation. The damage which is caused by dry hair is amplified with damp hair. Thus always dry your hair thoroughly before styling it with heating tools. Use a blow dryer with a cold air setting to dry your hair and then use your tools. The moisture from the damp hair is turned into steam when the heating tool is used, and that damages the strands of hair, causing breakage.


Do not use high temperatures to style your hair.


Often while hurrying, we set up our tool to the highest temperature setting to get effective results in the shortest possible time. But scorching temperatures can damage your hair severely even if the outcome is useful in terms of styling. Keep the temperatures to a moderate level and do not expose your hair to heat for an extended period. To decrease the time of exposure or usage of heating tools, use a hair setting spray instead. It will help to hold your style be that curls or straightened hair for a more significant amount of time without running the tool multiple times over the hair.


The stylists from Style N Scissors the best hair salon in Jaipur, also suggests people to oil the hair frequently and use hair tools that do not require heat to curl or straighten the hair properly.

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