A Beginner’s Guide to Hairstyling

 Hair is the most important aspect of our overall appearance! The personality transforms magically just with the right hairstyle. Don’t you feel so? Let’s say you click a selfie in good daylight and your hair is waving along with the breeze. What do you expect the selfie would turn out like? Of course, your quality will determine the final capture. The hairstyles which are properly groomed will automatically look better than the frizzy tangled hair locks. To get classy hairstyles you must visit some professionals like our beauty parlour in Jaipur. Just like your skin and body even your hair require proper care and treatment. But to do that one must be properly aware of his or her hair type. Let us learn more about hairstyles below. 

As we know the quality of your hair is a byproduct of your diet, care, and genetics. Your hair can be of different varieties like straight, curly, or even wavy. Have you ever thought about how some hairs are straight while others are curly? The oval hair follicles normally appear curlier in style. And those people who have it since childhood have adapted it from their heredity trait. No matter how many types you straighten them after some time they will become curly again. Here look more into the different types of hair types because your hairstyle mostly depends on what type of hair you possess.

Straight Hairs

The most desirable hairs are the straight ones that are naturally in that particular pattern. These are generally soft, shiny, and oily because of no curls. No matter even if each strand is thick or thin it falls straight due to the absence of any wave throughout the length. You can try out different hairstyles when you have straight hair like ponytails, mid-partition open hairs, and even many more. You will look flawless with this hairstyle on every occasion. 

Wavy Hairs

Next is the wavy type of hair which is slightly different from straight hair. You can find them a little frizzy making an S-shaped hair texture. These types of hairs are quite gentle and loose from the root to the lower mid of the tip. While in the end, you will observe undefined waves in the hairs. You must avoid the creamy textured or oil-based products on your hair if you don’t want to lose those waves. These types of hairs give you a wide range of hairstyles like a puffer bun, side ponytails, and pouf it up, layers hairstyle, etc. 

Curly Hairs

The curlier your hairs are the more resistance is found in the hairs. Your hairs look more like the 3 number designs due to the half semicircles look. These hairs can be a lot frizzy, thick and fuller in appearance. The curls can be loopy or springy too which makes them difficult to style. Deep curls can also be dried in texture. This is the reason you have to be particular while styling the curly hairs. 

Kinky Hairs

The last one is what you see in most Africans with the locked, wiry hairs with tight coils. Yes, these are the typical kinky hairs which are most often too fragile that they get dried up very easily. Hence they need proper moisturization and deep conditioning to look great. To protect your hairs in this type you must always keep a handy nozzle cream for your hairs so that you keep reapplying it inside your roots. There are three different kinds of kinky hairs like the clear definition of curly formation from the tip, middle, and roots. These are often too weak that if someone combed them with slight force they will break easily. You can try out afro hairstyles in these hairs. 

But do not forget every hair type and each style is unique and beautiful. So start learning to live with it confidently. In the beginning, you may feel struggling with hair care so don’t worry here is what you have to do. Firstly learn what goes best for your hair if afro is your type then go for it. Or if you have the wavy texture you want them a little curly in the end – try it. No matter what density or color your hair as you can go for anything that makes your face stunning. You can also experiment with different styles by watching Pinterest, YouTube shorts, or Instagram reels. If it is still not your cup of tea then do try out experts from the Best salon in Jaipur.

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