9 Protective Hairstyles for Black Hair

You’ve most likely heard about the benefits of wearing a protective style. People who have long hair swear by them, promising longer, stronger hair. While the styles will not cause your hair to grow, by protecting your ends (especially if you’ve relaxed your hair or damaged it in other ways), you may be able to keep some of that valuable length by preventing breakage.

If your hair is falling out faster than it is growing, it will never grow longer. Protective styles aim to keep your ends safe by concealing them from potential damage. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite protective styles below.

1. Chignon or Bun

A bun is a trendy protective style.

Buns work well on both relaxed and natural hair and are simple to master at home. This is a simple look that is appropriate for any occasion and looks great for dressy or formal occasions.

  • You could stretch your hair using your preferred method to add length without using extensions.
  • Then, select your role. You can go down the center, to the side, or completely bypass the section.
  • Swoop your hair up into a bun, if desired, brushing down flyaways, and secure with pins. Fun accessories, such as barrettes or flowers, can always be added.

2. Braids with Pigtails

Two thick, braided pigtails are an easy way to protect your natural hair while also creating a cute, low-maintenance look.

  • To begin, part your hair down the center and divide it into two sections.
  • Make two high pigtails with your hair and secure them with elastics.
  • Braid each side separately, adding extensions if desired.

3. Headwrap

A headwrap can be worn over braided, twisted, or natural hair to add a stylish layer of protection from the elements. These can also be used to bolster a protective style!

  • For the bun/chignon, tie it down every night with a silk scarf—make sure it’s 100 percent silk.
  • Avoid sleeping on cotton and sleeping without tying your hair up at night.
  • Wear your favorite scarf as a beautiful accessory during the day.

4. Ponytail with Bands

A simple banded ponytail with slicked-down flyaways and styled edges look effortlessly chic. To fashion:

  • Brush clean hair back into a high ponytail, taming flyaways with gel.
  • If using extensions, secure them at the base of the ponytail.
  • Elastics should be placed at regular intervals down the length of the ponytail.

5. Space Buns

Double space buns are trendy and simple to master.

  • Apply gel to your hair at the crown of your head.
  • Make two high pigtails with the rest of your hair.
  • For a soft, cute daytime look, tuck the ends under and leave the hair curly and natural.

6. Pigtail Twists

Make four gigantic twists for these one-of-a-kind pigtails. Follow the steps to achieve the look:

  • Spray water on clean hair, then add a leave-in conditioner and gel on damp strands.
  • Using a broad paddle brush, work the substance into the skin.
  • Part your hair down the middle and tie four pigtails, two higher at the front and two lower at the back.
  • Create four huge two-strand twists by wrapping hair around the scrunchie or elastic.

7. Classic Ponytail Braid

These steps demonstrate how to create a traditional braided ponytail with a sharp center part:

  • Begin with moist hair.
  • Backcomb the hair into a low ponytail.
  • Twist the bottom of the ponytail to secure it.

8. Headwrap with twists

Follow these steps to combine a head wrap with two big face-framing twists:

  • Start with dry hair. Make a center part and mist the roots.
  • Section the front and knot it to keep it out of the way.
  • Cover the remainder of your hair with an elastic and a cap.
  • Face-framing two-strand twists are created by stretching and twisting the front sections.
  • Wrap a headscarf around the cap and tie it in the front, looping the extra fabric around many times.
  • If desired, add beads to your ensemble.

9. Fauxhawk

A curly faux hawk is simple to make and looks great when finished. Combs, bobby pins, and your favorite gel are all you need:

  • Begin with dry, clean curls.
  • Brush them back against the head and secure them with combs to create a mohawk form.
  • To fasten, use bobby pins.
  • For a sleek, long-lasting finish, apply gel to the edges.

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