6 Simple Ways to Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

Most of us want lustrous, smooth hair with no breakage or tangles. Well, genetics do play a role in deciding how healthy your hair is, but there are several other factors that determine whether your hair is actually healthy or not. Style N Scissors being the best hair salon in Jaipur will today state simple ways through which you can tell whether your hair is healthy or not.

Before we discuss with you the ways you can tell your hair is healthy let us understand

What is Healthy Hair?

A shiny hair with a smooth texture with tapered tips is considered to be healthy. Generally repeated cosmetic routine on hair makes it frizzy and dry thereby damaging your hair cuticles. Hair health is also determined by the health products you use. Generally good hair products helps to improve the strength of the hair fibers thereby increasing their tensile strength as well as reduce the frizz


How you can say if your hair is Healthy?

The following are some of the ways you can say that your hair is healthy. So let us check them out


Is your hair feeling Shiny and Smooth?

If your hair is looking silky and shiny, it does indicate that it is healthy too. As the best salon in Jaipur, we urge our customers to keep their hair healthy and smooth not only through serums and conditioners but also through natural ingredients, thereby enriching the quality of their hair.

Bouncy to Go?

If you have a gorgeous bouncy style that lasts all day, it means your hair is really elastic. This helps to hold your curls and make your hair voluminous. Elasticity is the measure of the strength of your hair. So, if you see you have excess breakage and your hair is frizzy, it means that your hair has poor elasticity.

Shedding strands and tears?

Naturally, your hair grows in a cycle, and each follicle has a growth stage that generally lasts from two to eight years. Generally, most people with healthy hair lose up to 125 hairs each day. However, if you are regularly losing hair, then it does mean there must be an issue with your hair.



Detangling Easily?

Smooth surface of a healthy cuticle makes it easier to brush through it. If the cuticle is raised and unhealthy, your hairs tend to get caught on another and start to form tangles. The rough texture of the outer layer of hair makes it difficult to separate each strand, and that is where you know your hair is not doing well.

Is your hair reacting to Moisture?

Another sign by which you can say that your hair is not doing well is when it’s reactive to moisture, i.e., it’s harder for moisture to be absorbed. As long as your hair is not frizzy and smooth, you have nothing to worry about.

Very little Breakage

If you notice your hair having too much breakage, it’s a sign of unhealthy hair. So do check that, and if you don’t find much breakage, your hair is healthy.

Summing Up

At Style N Scissors, the best hair salon in Jaipur, we urge our customers that they make sure to check these points to see whether their hair is healthy. If you feel that the above points do not go with your hair, this means that something is wrong. For a healthier hair, it is important that you have a proper hair routine. It is recommended that you cut down on heating or washing your hair regularly. Try to nourish you naturally or with proper hair products thereby giving it the essential nutrients and making it healthy.

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