Maintain healthy hair

It is a fact that genetics play a very important role for a healthy hair, however there are various other factors like weather, pollution, dirt can also decide the quality of your hair. So in order to maintain healthy hair consult Style N Scissors which is the best hair salon in Jaipur. Let’s discuss in this post about five tips that you can use to maintain healthy hair


Increase your Protein:

Diet with inadequate protein makes your hair brittle, weak and dull. So, make to consume at least 45 grams of protein daily in order to keep your hair healthy like that of poultry, fish, beans, eggs and low -fat dairy products.


Zinc Dosage:

If you have a zinc deficiency then it can lead your hair to shed. So, if you have such a problem make sure you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, green salads etc. You can also use a multivitamin to enhance your zinc dosage thereby keeping your hair healthy.


A Good Shampoo:

A proper shampoo is essential to make your hair look good. So, being the best hair salon in Jaipur we advise you to make sure that you use a proper shampoo which actually nourishes your hair rather than making it frizzy and dull.


Use Conditioner To Maintain healthy hair:

Make sure you use a proper conditioner which will soften your hair and make it look good. Also, if you don’t know your hair type make sure you ask your hairdresser, so that you can purchase your conditioner accordingly.


Brush and wash your hair:

There are certain rules that you must follow while washing or brushing your hair. So, make sure you don’t wash your hair more than once a day and avoid washing it in very cold or very hot water as this can damage your hair. Also make sure to use a comb with wide-tooth so that you can detangle your hair easily.


These are five tips by the best hair salon in Jaipur that you can use in order to make your hair healthy.

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