A person’s wedding day in considerably one of the most important days of his/her life. This day is something that every little girl looks forward to from a very young age. However, the when the actual day arrives, it can bring along with it a great deal of fears and anxieties to get this completely perfect.


These fears and anxieties, mixed with other emotions, often cloud a person’s judgment. It is very important to stay level headed so that you don’t end up making any silly mistakes during your wedding day. From your dress, to the venue, to your makeup, everything should be just right. Get the best bridal makeup in Jaipur done on your big day.


Do not make these five mistakes


  1. Not keeping aside enough time for makeup

    You might have chosen a certain makeup look for your wedding day. It might be just perfect for you, your personality and for your particular wedding outfit too. However, delays can happen, especially on a day when the time runs so quickly. You might end up wanting to change your makeup look slightly, or you might even accidently smudge your makeup. It is important to keep a little safe time on your hands to fix these makeup mistakes, without making your groom wait impatiently at the venue!


  3. Keep a change of shoes

    Of course, it is obvious that you want to look your best for your wedding. However, is it possible to look your best if you are clearly looking uncomfortable? Wearing heels for long periods of time can make even the most seasoned woman feel tired. It is always best to carry a change of shoes, preferably flats, which you can change into after the wedding ceremony. This will ensure you still look great without feeling discomfort of heels.


  5. Pick your venue first, then your dress

    Your wedding venue and your wedding dress are two very important aspects of this day. However, both these decisions must go hand in hand harmoniously. It is always best to pick your wedding venue first, and then the dress. If you end up choosing a quite simplistic dress and then booking an extravagant venue, your dress might just look out of place or too simple. The vice versa case could also happen. Best to first book your venue then and a dress appropriately. Plus, you should also finalize a bridal makeup artist for your wedding look.


  7. Procrastinate decisions

    You think that putting off small decisions till the last moment isn’t really that big of a deal. However, as the day approaches, you will find yourself having lesser and lesser time. Instead of procrastinating small decisions, tick off things from your to-do box so that you have lesser pressure on your hands as the day arrives. You must book your bridal makeup artist at least two to three months in advance.


  9. Not availing a demo session

    Once you have shortlisted a few makeup artist, you must ask for a pre-wedding trail makeup session. It will provide you with enough idea about the skills and capabilities of the makeup artist. You will also get more idea about the behaviour and attitude of the artist. You would not want to hire a makeup artist who does not listen to his/her client’s requirements. Once you are satisfied with the demo session, you


So, those were the five mistakes that must be avoided at any cost. At the time of hiring the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur, you must remain very careful. Ensure that you look your best on your big day.

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