5 Makeup Looks Every Bride Needs to Consider for Her Big Day

In everyday events, there are memorable moments that are worth capturing to reminisce ahead in life. However, one event that brides look forward to is their wedding day. This D-day is often planned for from an early age by brides as it is an important day. Usually, this is also an event when the brides aim to look their best since there are loads of photographs. There are many professional makeup artists in Jaipur that know how to prepare the bride for her big day. 

However, there are many looks that can confuse one to choose from. For this, it is important to have knowledge about these looks. Discussed ahead are some makeup looks for wedding days for brides that you can go for on your D-day. 

1. Look Glammy Smokey Kajal with a nude lip 

When you are preparing for your wedding day, it is necessary to wear a look that has been tried and tested. The classic smokey kajal and the brown liner are a look that has stayed an evergreen look for traditional ceremonies. You can combine this look with a brown highlighter on cheekbones to uplift the look. If you wish to go for a bold look, keeping the liner edgy and curved outward will do the job. 

2. Pink Monochrome is the way to go 

What’s a wedding season without the pink in it? If you have knowledge of the latest trends in bridal makeup looks, you must be well aware of lighter-themed makeup. For instance, the pink monochrome look is perfect for the hot season and works with usually all skin tones. You can combine a pink highlighter with a pink lip colour. For the eyeshadows, try a pink palette. Also, you can go for a pink glossy touch at the end of the liners. 

3. Grab attention with the No Eyeshadow look 

You can try on this look if you are a fan of minimalist makeup. Even though it is understated, the look can be quite surprisingly natural and smooth. You might wish for a monochrome look in terms of lip colour. A matte red lip colour can also work in this case if you are looking for a little makeup inspiration. 

4. Golden Kohled Look 

In India, the golden colour has a significance of its own. Especially for weddings, golden jewellery can complement well with a golden-eyed look. There are many elements that can be tried for achieving the golden makeup looks. For instance, golden glitter on the liner wings, glossy golden or simply a waterproof gold eyeshadow are some options that can be tried on and can make you stand out in the crowd. 

5. Shine n Sparkle 

Wear the sparkle as you own it! On a wedding day, you can go for an all-glamorous look with a dewy base, glitter dust, and shimmery eyes to become the highlight of the event. The luminous look will give you the attention you deserve. Also, you might want to use a glossy lip balm and highlighter for cheekbones to uplift the look. For the eyes, you might want to use the shimmer pigments for getting that magical bridal look. 


The wedding season calls for a lot of preparations, among which the preparation for your makeup look is a significant one. Choosing a single look among many can be as difficult as choosing an outfit among the many available. However, if you keep up with the trends, this task can get slightly easier. You might look for a bold and dramatic look that calls for a sparkling and shimmering look. 

However, for a more natural look, the golden kohled or no eyeshadow look is the one you are looking for. For those who prefer soft looks, pink monochrome or smokey kajal is the right set to feel beautiful on the big day. 

Having said this, it is also important to understand the importance of applying makeup in the right manner. You can choose to do it yourself or choose a professional makeup artist for a perfect touch to your bridal makeover. Get the radiant bridal look that makes you feel beautiful and smile wide in all those wedding photographs. 

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