5 Glamorous Party Makeup Looks to Try for Your Next Event

In the present era, social events and parties are the occasions that people look forward to. The party season is finally here and to jazz it up, get ready to suit up to your best look. Note that it is not just the outfit you wear but also the makeup look you must consider for your next event. Party makeup needs to be done correctly using steps and keeping the trends in mind. However, glamming up your look is not something done regularly. 

Having said this, the following looks can guide you to getting the perfect party attention you’d expect. There are many popular party makeup artists in Jaipur that help with this. Choose from among the most trendy or minimal makeup looks, whichever suits you the best. 

1. Go Classy with a Kohl-Eyed Look

Have you been worried about your makeup look being too much? Here’s a look that can never be too much. Groove in the event that you’re excited about in your minimal make-up look of sharp, black-skirted eyes. Forget all the confusion of distinct colors and shades when you can rock the game in a glorious and subtle smudgy look. 

Use a mild, dewy foundation to get a soft lining with a brush. Angle them to get the right contour lines. You can combine them with a pinkish cheek shade and wine-red lips. 

2. Combine Red Hot Lips with a Smudgy Wing 

Sport the perfect party look with a wine red lip color to go with a smudged wing liner. The red hot color will be the perfect element to turn heads as you walk by in a majestic golden or purple gown. 

Sharp eye liners such as the cat look might be popular but a soft wing at the outer edge of your eyes can be your element to become the showstopper. Golden shaded eyelids go well with a smokey brown wing. You can also fine-tune this look with some highlighter to get that oomph look of the day. 

3. Add the Glossy Touch 

If you are a fan of all things that are bright and shiny, glossy is the new look that you need to try on. Also, if you are in a hurry, it would be the perfect quick look to turn any minimal makeup to a glamorous one. 

Take a smokey eye and nude lips and then add a touch of gloss; the difference will make you look twice. You may use a lip balm or a lip gloss to add the shine and glam. A liquid highlighter is another option for an overall luminous look. 

4. Bold, Glossy and Artsy 

Are you the artsy and bold party-person? The glamorous and super graphic makeover of a black liner to go with a cherry red lips are the perfect look for you. Add on a brown highlighter to the cheekbones and go around wearing the oh-so-dramatic look. To get that bold and eccentric look, go for a floaty winged liner. 

As you draw the wing, extend the edge toward the upper side and let it hang midway. Also, if you want to go all-bold, you might play around this hanging edge of the liner with highlighters and gloss. 

5. Go for the Monochrome Look 

Do you prefer the spic-n-span makeup look for your events? A monochrome look is what you might prefer. You can balance out the shine of your outfit with a subtle yet stunning unishade look. 

Not a fan of liner? Skip it. Go for a simple eyeshadow and dab a gloss of the same color. For the lips, you may choose a matte-finish lip color. Sport this monochrome look to all events and for all outfit types. 


If you are a trend-follower for makeup looks and often attend social events, you must know the importance of choosing the right look. There are party looks available for all, whether you are a makeup minimalist or a bold and glam. The popular choices today have been the glossy look and the monochrome look for getting the chic look. 

Also, there are many distinct styles of winged eyeliners and mascara that you can try on. Get event-ready by following the basics of party makeup and twirl around with a statement-making glam look. 

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