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Applying makeup effectively is an art form within itself. Makeup requires a thorough understanding, much experience, and a wide range of talents. That is why, for formal events, we all choose makeup experts or artists who are endowed with magical makeup talents.  Makeup cosmetics improve your look and boost your confidence. It boosts the positive attitude in our personalities, which we all need when we go out.

Makeup may quickly modify the complete appearance by adding a little extra fun element to make it look dynamic in style, however, applying makeup to your face individually may not yield the finest results. Professional makeup artists in Jaipur, on the other hand, are devoted to their craft.

So, we are here to disclose the hidden processes and procedures used by professionals to obtain an immaculate and glowy appearance. So, without further ado, here are 5 game-changing cosmetic secrets employed by professionals from the Best salon in Jaipur that may add a fresh and playful aspect to your makeup.

Damp beauty blenders

When it comes to applying foundation and concealer, beauty blenders are the genuine deal. They simply bounce on the skin’s surface and offer a beautiful natural base. It pushes the foundation into the skin uniformly without leaving any steaky lines.

Professionals from a bridal makeup salon in Jaipur apply setting powder with moist beauty blenders to guarantee your makeup is set and sealed in place while baking. To avoid a powdery look, it dusts off the additional transparent powder.

Use a color corrector to conceal blemishes

Color corrector efficiently conceals flaws and is the ideal beauty product that reacts opposite in the color spectrum. It eliminates skin discoloration and addresses major issues such as under-eye bags, dullness, dark spots, redness, and bruising.

To improve smoothness and balance of the skin, most doctors advocate using a color corrector. Color correctors of various hues are offered to remedy various difficulties. For dark skin tones, the orange or peach color corrector cancels dark circles, the pink color corrector counteracts discoloration and brightens, the green color corrector cancels redness, the yellow color corrector cancels blue, and purple tones neutralize yellow tone.

Picking the Perfect Lipstick

When it comes to cosmetics, the first thing that comes to mind is lipstick. Finding the appropriate lipstick hue that complements and matches your skin tone is a challenging task. Most makeup artists advise customers to determine the proper shade by looking at the color of their bottom lips. 

Skin tone is crucial since it determines which color is appropriate. Some experts advise wearing two shades darker than your natural lips or a comparable color lipstick that complements your top lips.

Coral, nudes, peach, light pink, and beige lipsticks are appropriate for those with fair and light complexion tones. Brown, wine, caramel, walnut, plum, and purple lipsticks are suitable for those with deep completeness. People with neutral skin tones can experiment with new things.

Define the shape of eyebrows 

Before removing unwanted hair from the brows, it is necessary to determine the shape and size of the brows. Professionals feel that brows may easily make or ruin your overall appearance. It defines the overall attractiveness and looks of your face.

Makeup experts recommend using an angular brush to give the brows a crisp and defined look. Don’t use the wrong color to fill in your brows. Use a tint that is comparable to or complements your natural brow color.

Avoid extreme brow forms such as extremely straight or highly arched brows. Balance the appearance of your brows according to your facial shape.

Eyeliners based on shape of the eye

There is no question that eyeliner can make a significant impact, and it nicely defines your eyes. It enhances your eye area, which is regarded as the most beautiful element of the human face, but specific treatments or little adjustments can provide a distinct dimension that complements your eyes.  

1. ​Upturned eyes 

Apply a fine line of eyeliner with a small wing.

2. Downturned eyes 

Apply a thin liner to the inner corner and make the outside corner thicker with a wing.

3. Almond eyes 

Apply thick winged liner upwards and outwards.

4. Monolid eyes 

Create a dramatic wing with heavy eyeliner.

5. Round Eyes

Draw a winged liner in the shape of a triangle.

6. ​Hooded eyes 

Apply a tiny line of eyeliner to the tear duct region and finish with a slightly thicker wing.

These basic methods are simple to implement and may help you achieve professional-level makeup on a regular basis! However, bear in mind that the quality of the products you use, as well as your skin type, has a role. Use high-quality, skin-friendly products at all times. It is usually preferable to stick to natural products. For more such tips visit the Style and Scissors website.

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