10 ways to slow aging naturally

A person would naturally start aging from a certain age onwards. Though this is a natural process of the body, where the skin starts to show their age, they are some situations where some people apply lotions and cream and all of the other medications on the face to reduce the skin aging. But not everyone knows that this is a natural body process which plays a vital role and with time, this could show wrinkle lines all over the face and it is completely natural that the skin starts losing all the youthful looks and thus becoming thinner and drier over time.

Even if there are no certain remedies which can stop all these processes which the skin goes through. Although there are some factors which can play a part in influencing the aging of the skin, mostly by the environment and lifestyle choices, we can somewhat control the premature skin aging. There are many such things and options which help in reducing stress and choosing the right diet and exercise to choose the right beauty care products and could slow the natural aging process naturally.

Cutting down sugar

  • Cutting down sugar content is a good start:

    Everyone is well aware of the after-effects of having sugary content would not only help to spike the blood sugar level of the body, but sugar could act as an accelerant to drastically reduce the youthfulness of the skin and cause the skin to look old. A process known as advanced glycation end product takes place and causes the skin to age, which in turn makes the skin look dull and less vibrant. And for those who prefer sugary foods, and are also diabetic, they tend to age faster.

  • Always opt to go gluten-free:

    As mentioned above, gluten too can make sure that the aging process of the human skin is accelerated. If taking the example of two whole slices of whole wheat bread, they contain more than two spoonful’s of pure sugar, which can seriously pump the blood sugar level up. And also, gluten is known for the absorption of vital minerals and nutrients in the body, which helps support the health of the skin, thus not giving the skin enough nutrients to stay healthy.

Drink loads of water

  • Drink loads of water and stay hydrated:  

    Continuous dehydration is a common cause of aging and lifeless skin. Starting from the lubrication of the joints and helping flush out the toxin from the body, water is an important fluid. Water helps in restoring the elasticity of the skin and hydrates the skin on the cellular level. Based on the person’s lifestyle, the person could make sure that they drink an approximate of 2 liters of water in a day to keep the person and their skin hydrated.

Lower the stress

  • Lower the stress:

    High levels of stress are linked to make way for harmful and even life-threatening diseases. Diseases ranging from asthma, diabetes, and obesity can occur if the person is suffering from a prolonged period of stress. Also, chronic stress would take the youthfulness of the skin and add more wrinkled skin. Meditation, Deep breathing exercises can help in controlling and bringing down the stress.

  • Stock up on Antioxidants: 

    Due to the busy lifestyle which the people are going through, the person is exposed to various toxins and chemicals on a day to day basis. This can have a major impact on the skin as well. To counter these toxins, the body would need appropriate vitamins to keep the face refreshed and healthy.

Protein food

  • Load up on Protein filled food:

    Protein helps in reducing insulin levels, which is beneficial in controlling the sugar levels of the body, which in turn helps the skin in maintaining itself. And it has also been known that protein helps in constructing the new tissues and repairing the older ones.

Working out

  • Working out and lifting weights can go a long way:

    Working out and lifting weights can be beneficial on the long run and weight lifting helps in keeping the skin tight and firm, thus eliminating the chances of wrinkled and saggy skin. Moreover, this also helps in keeping the calories in check and helps the body look fitter and develop muscle mass.

natural skin products

  • Using natural skin products:

    Taking about using beauty care products, natural beauty products are the best bet to stay away from toxic chemicals. Because the skin absorbs these creams and having natural ingredients always helps in keeping the skin youthful.


  • Getting more sleep:

    The term beauty sleep isn’t applicable for women only. Having a good night’s sleep is essential for the body to separate the toxins from the body.

  • Have more fat:

    Having more fatty acid products like avocados and fish could help in nourishing the skin from within and also have more radiant skin.

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