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While the West is just waking up to the benefits of this yellow superfood, our grandmothers have been the biggest propagators of Turmeric or Haldi’s benefits. From flu to sore throat, swollen ankles or recovery from an injury – turmeric milk is an elixir of life in every Indian household. It has anti-inflammatory properties that curb swelling. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help decrease acne-causing bacteria. You’ll often notice brides applying “Ubtan” – an Ayurvedic face and body pack known to increase a bride’s beauty before her wedding. Turmeric is a key ingredient in every “Ubtan”. Forget turmeric lattes, make your own turmeric milk and get that glowing, blemish-free skin amaranth superfood amla indian gosseberry Indian superfoods

Top Indian Superfoods For Healthy Hair & Skin

India is a bountiful country and our Vedas have always been a great source of information. Ayurveda today is considered an exact science and the West borrows heavily from it. From glowing skin to healthy hair, from improved digestion to increased lifespan, ancient Ayurveda has the secrets to uncover everything. Even so, time and again […]

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Monsoon Hair, Skin & Makeup Tips By Ritu Deswal

As seasons change, the needs of your hair and skin also change tremendously. One common mistake that we all tend make is that we don’t switch our products in accordance with the change in the weather. Especially in cities like New Delhi, Jaipur, we need to be more watchful of what we are exposing our […]

Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Wedding ceremonies and their moments are beautiful and cherished for a lifetime. On this special day, you tie knot with your life partner in the presence of your family and close friends. This day will be the happiest day of your life and will be stored and cherished in the form of wedding photographs and […]

Few Tips For Hiring The Right Bridal Makeup Artist

There are many things involved in the preparation of wedding ceremonies. From the selection of the wedding venue to the decoration of the same, the bride’s as well as the groom’s side has to take care of a lot of things. However, from the bride’s perspective, nothing can be more important than her makeup on […]

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Best Gifting Ideas For Your Dad This Father’s Day

Let’s admit it, picking out gifts for a woman is so much easier than picking out gifts for men – simply because there is such a huge variety of options, products and services that one can gift women. With men, you’re limited in terms of what’s available and USEFUL. With Father’s Day around the corner, […]